NARS – UNDER COVER Summer 2016

As a makeup addict, I always stalk new collections.

Under cover is the new Nars summer collection and this one ladies and gentlemen…. I was so excited to put my hands on it!

First, because of the packaging. Yes I am that kind of girl, packaging sucker. But a pretty packaging is not making a product satisfying so of course it was also because I am familiar with Nars products and I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

For summer I love nice bold shades that bring us out of our little comfort zone. So I picked 2 dual intensity eyeshadows.

I also picked a blush because summer blushes are always a good idea! 😉

First, the eyeshadows : Pool Shark and Deep end, these two scream summer!

Pool shark is a beautiful iridescent periwinkle blue. As every dual intensity eyeshadow it can be used either wet or dry. When used wet, the shimmers are more intense and the reflections are more complex.

Pool Shark


On the left, the color is applied dry, on the right, applied wet. You can see a more intense purple reflection when applied with a wet brush.

Deep end  is a shimmering teal green. When your brush is wet you can use it as an eyeliner, it becomes an impressive creamy texture which makes it easier to line your eyes.

Deep End



On the left the color is applied dry, on the right, applied wet. As you can see, when applied wet the shade seems to be more opaque and light reflective.

In the dual intensity blush range I picked Sexual Content (what a funny name for a blusher after better than sex lashes I have Sexual content cheeks!!) haha


It is described as a Sandy peach (for the left shade)  and Soft raspberry (for the right shade).

The shades of the dual intensity blush can either be used alone or combined. The darker shade to define the cheeks and the lighter shade to highlight. (YAY TO HIGHLIGHTING).

For me this blush is the masterpiece of the collection. It is so summery and gives you that sun-kissed glow in an instant (or in one brush swipe). I find it better applied with a duo fiber brush (Real technique duo fiber face brush.)



Here the shades are applied wet on the left and dry on the right.  (yes I know..😂)

When applied wet, the glow is more intense but the color is not hard to blend which is a good point as I was afraid to have 2 horrible stains on my face. 😂  When applied dry you have a nice wash of color which is perfect for a soft, natural makeup.

In a nutshell, on top of a nice packaging this collection is nice on the face too. The eyeshadows lasted 9 hours without creasing (urban decay primer potion in sin underneath) and the blush lasted 8 hours without fading which is for me a pretty good result!

Definitely well spent money! (Happy Lyna Face)

Have you picked anything from this collection? Are you willing to?




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