I am a lipstick addict. Yes. But I am sure I am not the only one.

Everything started with my work dress code. RED LIPS. Of course I had some lippies before but just a reasonable amount. Now I am called the girl with the fifty shades of red lips.

I became really demanding with lipsticks. I want long-lasting like looooong lasting because I am constantly talking to people during the day and I don’t have the time for retouch but I also want a bright and opaque color (red) that doesn’t leave my lips all chapped and dehydrated. I don’t want my hair to stick on my lips too. Yes, as I told you, I am VERY demanding.

So when Burberry released its new Lipstick range I thought I would give them a try.

What the brand say: Celebrate the Burberry Kisses collection with new Burberry Full Kisses for bold, long-lasting colour and fuller-looking lips.Designed to hug every contour of the lip, the unique flat-top bullet follows every curve as it draws, effortlessly defining, shaping and enhancing from corner to corner.Mistake-proof and ideal for on-the-go application, the formula coats lips in one vibrant stroke with a rich veil of bold, luminous colour lasting up to eight hours. Infused with active ingredients, the lip-contouring formula saturates lips with hydration, each shade delivering a smooth, intense and creamy finish.

That claim sounded exactly like everything I like in a lippie. I thought I needed to “celebrate” the Burberry kisses collection So I gambled and clicked the “add to cart” button. Of course I picked a red! And of course I picked THE Burberry Red aka Military Red.


Military Red is No. 533 and is a super bright luminous red with blue undertones. Perfect for every seasons. What first impressed me was the shape of the bullet. It is not what I am used to use. But you know what? They are right when they claim it’s mistake-proof. I was not gifted with full sexy lips so trust me, mistake-proof application is really important for me. Because I often retouch my lips after lunch and don’t have the time to correctly contour my lips. The texture is also interesting. It’s creamy yet a bit “sticky” (in the good way) and then it sets but stays smooth on the lips. (Not sure I make sense but it’s really hard to describe). The texture reminded me of the UDxGwen lipstick. The finish is not matte but more something in between matte and satin (not glossy). It’s kinda thick and covers the lips in only one swipe. I agree with the long-lasting claim. I needed to retouch once after lunch and it was only because I wanted more cover.


This lippie is my first Burberry Beauty purchase and I think it won’t be the last one. I am very happy with this lipstick as it provides everything I am looking for from a lipstick.

Not sure it gives me fuller-looking lips though… 😂


Here you are, my  Burberry full kisses lips!


Have you tried them? What did you think? Would love to know!!



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  1. Je vais essayé tiens !! La couleur et canon et le packaging donne vraiment envie !
    Je suis plutôt une folle de fini mat mais tant que ce n’est pas glossy je suis encore dans ma Zone de confort ! En tout cas super rendu sur tes lèvres 🙂

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