For those who follow me on Instagram, you know my love for Bobbi Brown products.

I started with a Shimmer brick and I ended up with almost all of her brightening bricks and my complexion routine is 100% based on Bobbi brown products.

So when I saw she was releasing a new collection with quads I was all excited. I was even more excited when I saw the packaging!! ROSE GOLD!! Ladies and gentlemen! ROSE GOLD! My passion for rose gold AND for a pretty packaging could not wait for them to be released. IMG_2956

Even if I can easily gamble and order online for powders, blushers or lipsticks, I can’t  for eyeshadows. I always need to swatch them first, to check the formula, the color payoff… My love for eyeshadows is enormous and my love for sparkles is even more enormous. Paired with my love for Bobbi Brown, the cocktail promising!

The Beach Nudes collection provides 3 quads.

Sun kissed pink which is based on baby pink and copper shades. Sunkissed nude which is more based on rose gold shades and Sunkissed Gold which is based on nude and yellow-gold shades. All the three have a base shade which provides a neutral color and prep the lids for the actual eyeshadow application, a sparkle eyeshadow which are finely milled glitters (they reminded me of the Glitters in TF quads) a shimmer wash eyeshadow and a darker shade is a liner which is supposed to be used with a wet brush.

First I thought I’d pick Sunkissed gold and Sunkissed pink. Because Sunkissed pink and sunkissed nude looked very similar. But when I swatched them I wasn’t impressed by the gold one as they’re are not the kind of shades I like, too yellow-tone for me. I finally picked Sunkissed Pink AND Sunkissed Nude.


I know they do look similar but I used both and achieved a totally different look with them. I would say the Nude (on the left) is more warm than the pink one.

The nude one is composed of “Bone” Shade (the base), “Pink Bellini” (Sparkle eyeshadow), “Rose Gold” (Shimmer wash eyeshadow) and Smoky brown (Liner).

Sunkissed Nude
Sunkissed Nude

The Pink one is composed of “Cream” (base), “Sandy Pink” (Shimmer wash),  “Beach” (Sparkle) and “Perfect Brown” (Liner)

Sunkissed Pink
Sunkissed Pink

As you can see on both palettes the base is not supposed to be an actual shade. Its very smooth and prep the lid nicely but I still use my lovely lid primer (UD primer potion) because I’m not sure the base will be self-sufficient. The shimmer wash shades on both palettes are smooth and delivers a good color payoff. But my favorites are the sparkles! First because I love sparkles but also because these are very finely milled and iridescent as I like them to be. I use them on the center of the lids to finish my eye look and add some dimension. Anyways, I must admit I had trouble with the darkest shade aka the liner. It is supposed to be used wet (and trust me use it wet!!) But it sets really really quickly so it is kinda hard to blend. It was even harder with Perfect brown (Sunkissed Pink) than with Smoky brown (Sunkissed Nude). I think you can tell it with the swatches, it looks smoother with Smoky brown than Perfect brown.

The lasting is quite good but be sure to apply your primer evenly otherwise it will crease more quickly. (I had one perfect eye from 7AM to 10PM and the other one was all creased! 😂). I did experience some fall out but not more than usual and not enough to turn me off as I always do my foundation at the end!

Now, are they too similar? At the first glance yes they are! And if you need only one you won’t need to get both. But I really liked the Rose gold Sparkle from Sunkissed pink. This is the reason why I picked it. As I said earlier, I could achieve totally different looks with both palettes, yet to be really honest, I think I liked the Sunkissed Pink better.

In a nutshell, these are good quads but they’re not going to be my favorites even if I will certainly use the sparkles a lot!

Would you be interested in pics of some makeup looks I did??

Have you tried them? What are your thoughts?


                       BB QUEEN

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  1. You really are a Bobbi Brown enabler! lol Such stunning palettes that had my attention as soon as I saw the rose gold casing of course! Gorgeous hun! Kelly xxx

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