I am back from Barcelona! Sorry I was MIA but it was for a good reason!

Yes.. I did some makeup shopping!! (In between the cultural visits of course!!!) I found a Sephora on my way to Plaça Catalunya  and let me tell you they’re very smart, they have a “male zone” where they can seat and wait for us crazy makeup junkies. 😂 Very efficient. You could see all the accompanying males together waiting… My BF even said “are you done?  We can stay a bit longer if you want” WHAAAT? Guess that was the free Wifi zone effect too. Anyways…

We also walked (we walked everywhere actually)  by Port Vell and I found a shop (a beauty related shop of course). There was an inglot counter in this shop and my curiosity was immediately aroused!  Because YES I have heard of it but NO I have never got the opportunity to try  this brand as it’s not available in France (don’t try to understand, I can’t understand myself).  I was tempted to get a few things but what really aroused my junkiness was the pigments. I LOVE PIGMENTS! They’re so versatile you can use them as a wash of color, a liner, a touch of light to end your makeup look.. well pretty much everything!

So when my love for pigments met my love for duochromes AND turquoise then.. WOOOP WOOP WOOP I stopped thinking and got both (BTW, I already regret not getting more…)

What the brand say :

Highly concentrated loose coloured powder that ranges from subtle to ultra-intense effects depending on application. The product contains sponge gourd oil and almost 90% pure pigment.

These beauties are 2 g/0.07 US OZ  and cost 17€.

Original Name-4

I picked #86 which is a stunning luminous Copperish/Rosegold duochrome shade. Can’t describe how beautiful it is!! It was the one I liked the most when I swatched it. Super pigmented and the duochrome effect was very pretty!

Original Name-5

Original Name-3

Original Name-4
Inglot pigment #86 and mac pigment in rose swatches. One swipe, natural lighting.  

Here is a  little comparison of Inglot #86 and mac pigment in Rose. Inglot pigment seems to be more thick and opaque with a more intense metallic finish.

I picked #114 which is a beautiful turquoise with a subtle silver sheen. I love turquoise for summer and this one was so bright and beautiful I couldn’t resist.

Original Name-6

Original Name-2
#114 swatches, one swipe, natural lighting 

As you can see the metallic finish is emphazised when the brush is dampened with some fix+.

Look how bright and pigmented they are!!

Now for the technical aspects of the thing : I applied mines with a flat brush previously dampened  with some fix+ (MY PIGMENTS BFF). I applied a primer on my lids as well (UD primer potion). And it lasted incredibly well. 9 hours without creasing, AT ALL. I might try again with a proper pigment solution but to be honest I am very impressed by these first results.



Original Name-7Original Name-8Original Name-9

Makeup details :

  • On my eyes
    • I have a shu uemura eyeshadow all over the lid with pigment #86 from the inner corner to the middle of the lid. Pigment #114 inner lower lash line with Nars Pool shark (middle) and Cassiopeia (outer corner)
    • Too Faced better than sex  Mascara
  • On my face
    • BB Vitamins enriched base
    • I have Tom Ford traceless foundation in Alabaster
    • BB Nude powder in Bare
    • BB Brightening brick in Coral
    • BB Shimmer brick in Nectar
    • BB Brightening nude finishing powder
  • On my lips
    • Nars Audacious lipstick in Annabella

(All photos are taken in natural lighting without any filters)

Have you ever heard of them? Have you ever tried them? What are your thoughts?




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8 thoughts on “(Vicky Christina) BARCELONA AND THE INGLOT PIGMENTS

  1. Pour avoir vu tes make up en vrai j’atteste la véracité des photos ! Le rendu est même encore plus dingue en vrai 🙂
    Je suis bluffée par la pigmentation 😍 Je suis absolument fan des couleurs !! Super article en tout cas 🙂 encore une découverte je pourrais vite me laisser tenter 😀

  2. Wow! The blue underneath your eyes really makes this look stand out. Very pretty! And congratulations on your new blog! ☺️

  3. My gorgeous Lyna! You look amazing in the pictures! And the shades! Well I’m sold babe!
    Rushing to get them sometime this week, plus here in Cyprus they are 12.50 euros! Bargain! Love you lots 😘

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