Rituals, The Ritual Of Karma… and my summer essentials

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Let’s talk about something a tad different than usual today. Body care!

As a real girly girl I love everything beauty related, nice packaging, perfect formulation and great results. Come on! We all need that little something that helps us going through our days, everyday!

So today I want to share my thoughts on Rituals. I know rituals from Sweden it used to be the kind of gifts my mom brought back with her when she was away. Then a part of their collections arrived in my local Sephora and now a super cute Boutique opened next to where I work. In their own words: The idea behind Rituals’ products is simple: happiness can be found in the smallest of things. We transform your everyday routines into moments of indulgence by means of beautiful and luxurious products. Enjoy a warm fragrant bath, a cup of speciality tea or do the dishes with a little more pleasure. For example, our washing liquids are not only very effective, they smell sensational and look more than just pretty in any kitchen. That is what we are all about: enriching the little things in life with a hint of luxury. This true passion can be found in all our products.

You have several Rituals behind each of them a special philosophy embodied by a special scent and texture. I tried almost all of them and just got their limited edition: The ritual of Karma which is to be honest my favorite. “Do good and good will come your way”, beautiful isn’t it?

Practice the art of good karma with our new summer limited edition collection. According to ancient Hindu belief, living with good intent attracts positive karma. Say good words; think good thoughts; do good deeds and good will come your way.

Its based on bergamot for freshness (and mosquitos repellant)  and holy lotus for a sweet floral scent.

The whole ritual is composed of a Body scrub, a shower oil, a body foam, a body cream and a bed and body mist.

I picked the shower oil, the body foam,the body cream and I got garden incense sticks as a gift!


The packaging is luxurious and that smell! 😱

The body foam is super rich and one pressure is enough for you whole body. Its soft and luxurious, it’s also perfect if you shave.


The Karma Shower oil is a soothing shower oil that changes into a silky foam that leaves your skin wonderfully soft and hydrated.


Last but not least, the Karma Body cream  is a rich, creamy moisturiser that nourishes the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft. AND THIS ONE HAS SHIMMER!! YES Ladies and gentlemen SHIMMER. 😂 IMG_7923


It gives your skin a subtle golden sheen and you can spot shimmer all over your body throughout the day which is SO COOL!  😊

I also got some summer goodies because vacations are JUST around the corner!


SPF 30 Oil

It is a Dry, sun-protective body oil with a tan booster that ensures fast tanning
Contains natural oils that nourish the skin, while protecting against the symptoms of premature aging caused by UVA and UVB radiation.

I will update my thoughts on this one while sunbathing next to the pool 😉

Protection Hair Spray

It is a Sun-protective hairspray with a fresh summer scent.
Contains a mix of natural ingredients including Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, and White Tea, which help protect the hair against the harmful effects of UV radiation
Gives a long-lasting shine and protects the hair from becoming discoloured

During my summer my hair always feels dry and a lot blonder. So if this one can help keeping my hair healthy and shiny I am in! Same, will keep you posted😉

After sun hydrating lotion with 30% pure aloe vera and ginkgo biloba extracts

This one is promising! 30% of pure aloe vera extract! AMAZING! Will update with my thoughts soon 😉

Both smell amazing! They smell like sun, summer and holidays, sure you know what I mean!

I think I found Have you ever tried Rituals? What are your thoughts?

PSSSSSS! They also do makeup:


Here I used the blush in sunglow blush and the eyeshadow duo in ocean blue and gold brown.

Wishing you a great week ahead!

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    1. Thank you so much Cat you’re always so sweet!! Love rituals the philosophy and the products! If you want some maybe I can send some over for you 😉 xxx Lyna

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