The trend of colourful lashes

Hi there! and sorry for being MIA. Tons of work lately.. But I am back with reviews on the trend we will find everywhere this summer (or winter, hey Aus/NZ thinking of you there! 😉) Let’s name it! COLOURFUL lashes. Every brand has its own brown, purple or blue mascara but let’s face it, it never has been more tempting than the YSL mascara vynil couture. I was very reasonable and picked 2 of them instead of the whole set. and I was right because a few weeks later Sephora released its own colourful mascara so I picked a few more.


From the YSL Vinyl mascaras:

I picked I am the craze which is supposed to be a bright purple. This one is very disappointing for me. Not enough pigmented and the color migrated and changed from the purple you see through the glass packaging to a strange greyish purple. The formulation and the brush have a defining effect but not volumizing on my lashes.



You can see there, it’s been almost a month that I have it, I store it in my Muji drawers and the purple is not bright at all. It is more like a dark purple/violine shade. I am disappointed because I wanted something brighter and more pigmented but if you’re looking for a dark shade like an alternative to black you will be happy with it. The girl at the YSL counter recommended me to store you vinyl mascara away from direct light.

I also picked I am the storm which not a mascara but a top coat, a silver glittery top coat which I love. The formulation is smooth and creamy and it sets well on the lashes without fall out or transfer on the lids. You can play with the amount of coats from a natural to a more dramatic effect! (you know me I LOVE drama and I LOVE being the storm!!😂)



IMG_7420IMG_7421IMG_7422The packaging of these is gorgeous and they both have that subtle YSL scent.

Now from the Sephora collection V for Volume mascara:

I picked a few:

Blue league: which is a cobalt blue and for me the perfect DUPE of YSL vinyl mascara in blue.

The wand is big and gifted of more than 850 fibers to coat every lashes with a dramatic volume. says the brand.


I actually find it more volumizing that the YSL one and the color is super bright and pigmented, no fallout nor transfer on the lids throughout the day. It’s 7,95 euros instead of 33euros for the YSL. I agree on the fact the packaging is not as beautiful as the other one but the result on the lashes is there… I love wearing mine with a black cat eye.


Used the blue mascara for Bastille day! 😊 This photo is taken after my shift, you can see it’s still bright with no fallouts.


Sometimes my camera acts a little crazy but I think you can see the volume of my lashes pretty good on this pic! 😂

Turquoise League: which is easy to guess is a turquoise. Same here, the formulation is very creamy and smooth, the color is bright and powerful on the lashes. It is very pretty with a brown/copperish smoky and a teal liner under the lower lash line. This one is by far the most crazily colourful mascara from my collection.


I have turquoise league on the lower lashes and top of upper lashes. It makes my brown iris pop!!!😱

Violet league: is a purple which is brighter than the YSL one. I love this one on top of upper lashes or all over my lashes.



It’s hard to capture the intensity of the purple, but will try to update this post with more pics.


As I write this post YSL recalled all the vinyl mascaras officially due to allergic reactions and unofficially because of the packaging that tends to break if you close it too tight. They’re not available for sales anymore until further notice… This is the reason why I can’t add links for them… I am extra sensitive and develop allergic reactions to pretty much everything but I have nothing to declare with these mascaras. I tried the green which is SUPER DUPER pigmented and nothing happened to me same for the top coat and purple mascara. So I don’t really know what to think…

I will keep you posted as soon as I know more!


Have you tried any of them? What are your thoughts?

Thank you for stopping by today!!





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10 thoughts on “The trend of colourful lashes

  1. Je n’ai pas acheté d’Ysl… le seul qui m’intéressait est le storm et il a été très vite en rupture pour finalement être rappelé… J’aime beaucoup le turquoise dans tes swatches ! Bisous.

  2. Great blog hun! I have some of the NYX pastel colored mascaras they came out last summer i think but then they came back (don’t quote me), i believe after the colored mascara craze started as you said. They’re ok,,i do love my YSL and wish I had gotten to try one, hopefully they reformulated? Great review in any case, beautifully written!😊

    1. Thank you Mandy! Hopefully.. I will keep you posted! For now they’re completely out of the market. The thing is I am very VERY sensitive and trigger allergies very often but not with these…. Thanks for your support and your kind words darling! Xxx

      1. I have the same problem and with all the makeup I have, the hardest is anything that goes near my eyes. That includes foundation, mascara, primer, etc. I feel your struggle so it stinks when you find something then it’s taken off the market. I’ll keep my eyes open too! XO

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