How to get the most beautiful summer glow overnight? – Vita Liberata self tanning technology

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Don’t know about you but where I live summer is on holidays. The thing is I LOVE Summer and I love the glow I get when I am starting to get a tan! (Well I always get red first! 😂) Anyways, we are June 23rd and Sun is done playing hide and seek with me but… I am still all white thanks to the never ending rain and dull sky. I am not the kind of girl who likes tanning sessions, I’m too scared about them, never tried and not ready to! But I am definitely the kind of girl that want to try everything that sounds good to get the most natural, golden tan before my actual holidays.  2  years ago a new brand called Vita Liberata  came out in the Self tanning market in my local Sephora. And of course I TRIED IT. 

They describe themselves as :

Vita Liberata self tan, the world’s first non-toxic and organic tan, free from parabens, perfume and alcohol. With certified organic ingredients that nourish and condition skin for a self tanning skincare treatment.

At the time I tried the Phenomenal 2-3 week tan mousse which is a self tanning mousse that you apply with a mitt. The first thing that impressed me was the odour. Or to be more specific the “no odour”. You all know that terrible smell EVERY SINGLE self tanning product has. Well this one hasn’t. The odour is not typical, I would describe it as a yogurt like scent. The mitt helped for a flawless application of the mousse. The second thing that impressed me was the result! I got the SAME tan that I usually get in summer. Golden, NOT ORANGE at all! And don’t know about you but I often get blackheads when I use a self tanning product, I didn’t with this one.

I also tried the Body blur instant HD skin finish  which is perfect for an instant and washable result! I use it on my legs when I go bare legs to work and don’t want to look like a ghost!

In a nutshell I (think) I love this brand and the money I spent for these products was worth it! So when Vita Liberata contacted me to send me some products to try I immediately said yes! According to them, as I have already tried the body products they decided to send me some face products. I thought I’d scream of happiness because It is a brand I actually like!


I got the Self Tanning Night Moisture Mask and Trystal™ Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals.

It’s been a week that I use them so it’s review time!

First, the self tanning night moisture mask,  something I would have been too scared to buy myself, but I’ve always been curious about it!



What does the brand say about it?
It is A luxurious hydrating night mask with a touch of tan for a radiant glow by morning. HyH2O™ Technology for the most intense hydrating anti age treatment, Technologically advanced tanning formula for a flawless, odourless, lasting tan result Anti Age actives for smoother, younger-looking skin Antioxidants to repair and soothe skin
, Sebum control for oily skin types.
After a week, I can tell that it is a very powerful hydrating mask, it has a rich texture almost like a balm and smells like bitter orange and citrus which is quite nice. I applied it to finish my night routine on all my face, neck and décolleté. I felt a refreshing effect after applying it. I must admit I was scared. YES BECAUSE I APPLIED A NIGHT SELF TANNING MASK! 😂 My Boyfriend laughed at me as I was so scared to become orange like a carrot, an orange, an apricot well orange!
But I did not wake up orange! The tan was subtle, just a healthy glow and my skin was very hydrated and plumped, like repaired. I am a fair skinned girl but my mom is a bit darker than me. She also tried it and the tanning effect was more intense after the first application. She looked like she was back from very sunny holidays but no worries the result was homogenous. She just looked more tanned than me, so I guess it depends on your skin’s melanin. She felt like she was getting more tanned throughout the day but still, no stains just a flawless bronzy look.
Texture of the mask

I applied it again every night since monday and I am still not orange. I don’t look like I am back from the Caribbean either, I just look healthy and glowy. No blackheads nor breakouts due to the very rich formula so guess their “sebum control agents” worked on my skin. And above all, no stains, just an even summery skin tone.


IMG_6969Now, the powder, same,  I have been curious about it since its release  but never actually took the plunge so I was very happy to try thanks to Vita Liberata’s generosity! And honestly I really like it! It is a great bronzing powder, very finely milled. Still no self tanning smell but it smells like minerals. (don’t know if it makes sense). There is a “luxurious” kabuki brush included. Well the brush is very good to apply it I didn’t find the need to try with another brush of mine so guess it’s a good point.

What does the brand say about this strange self tanning powder?

A world-first self-tanning bronzer that offers bronzing mineral coverage and a subtle lasting tan. Trystal3™ Technology combines instant pure mineral bronzing with lasting gradual tan results Unique formula interacts with your moisturizer or liquid foundation base to tan the skin. Application after moisturiser will give the best result. Oil-free formula.
I used the powder after my base routine (the same I showed you here). I applied it in a 3 motion. The pigment is really nice and polished the face beautifully with a bronzy color. Same here, not orange, but a pretty golden/bronzy glow. It was also very good to contour with. Then I could add whatever blush and highlighter I wanted. It has been a week that I use it every morning and when I take my makeup off I have a subtle tan on the forehead (hair roots), nose and cheeks. It is very natural and pretty. This powder is actually a great surprise because it is an amazing bronzing powder and the tanning effect is a plus.
Swath of the bronzing powder
In a nutshell I am very happy with these products. The mask is a great hydrating mask that has nothing to envy to regular night hydrating masks. My skin looked radiant and repaired from post period breakouts. I am impressed by the almost 100% organic formulation.
The powder is seriously amazing. Love how fine the pigments are, they’re very easy to blend into the skin and have kind of a blur effect on the pores too.
I would definitely repurchase them and recommend them. Now that I tried both face and body products from them  I can safely say that for me Vita Liberata is the greatest self tanning brand. Within all the brands I tried I achieved the best results with their products. (Sisley and Clarins included!). They’re both available here and here.
Look at my happy, glowy face!! 😂
Have you ever tried their products? What are your thoughts?
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These are my personal thoughts on products that were kindly sent by Vita Liberata for review consideration. None of the links are affiliated. 

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12 thoughts on “How to get the most beautiful summer glow overnight? – Vita Liberata self tanning technology

  1. You look naturally glowing and radiant – the perfect look!
    These sound gorgeous, especially the mask – this is right up my street. Being very new to the brand I am very excited to delve further having just about to purchase the pHenomenal tanning mousse and am tempted by the dry oil too!

    Lovely review hun and glad your no orange 😉 Kelly xx

    1. I was so scared to try a self tanning powder but the result is very natural and summery!! I’m impressed by the mask because depending on your skin tone you might go from a subtle tan to an intense bronzy look 😂 xxx

  2. Great review hunni and the products sound really good:) I’m very temptend to try the mousse, since you mentioned you liked it and I’ve been considering trying it out, and now may just need to add the mask to it too😄 Xxx

    1. Aw thank you Maggie for your support! It means a lot! Seriously go for the mousse it’s awesome! So as to the powder and mask! I really love this brand for self tanning!!!

  3. It really looks great on you! I have seen their products and I’m anxious about trying it as well! Thank you for sharing I’m glad it worked for you as I would have been reluctant to wear something over night as well!


    1. Yes! I was really scared to put something like that over night! But no worries! The result was great. The intensity depends on your skin’s melanin though! xx Lyna

  4. Awesome review ☺️ I’ve been curious about the bronzing minerals but same as you kinda nervous to give it a try. It sounds superb though. I love the mousse!!
    Just an FYI for your readers, QVC has the mega size 12.68 fl oz available for $54.96. The original size is 4.22 fl oz for the same price, give or take a couple dollars.

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