All about that base (’bout that BB base)

The base. For me it is the most important part of makeup. With a perfect base you can only wear mascara and a lippie and you will look fabulous. (Of course you will look gorgeous on a no makeup day too 😉) Anyways, a perfect base will help you feel confident and yourself but better (at least this is how I feel). But the perfect base routine is very hard to find. It depends on your skin type and your will but also on the quality of the products you use. But we are makeup addicts (Junkie, hoarder) and we LOVE testing products. Hunting for the perfect formulation, perfect result, perfect finish and all this for more than 3 hours. Because we are makeup junkie but we also have a life, a job, activities and we can’t just stay home looking at our perfect base like “oh raining today, not going out will ruin my makeup “😂 Makeup needs to be LIFE-Proof!!

My name is Lyna and I am a makeup junkie. But I am also a crazy perfectionist. And if you combine both in a beauty shaker you will get a special cocktail of a never ending hunt, hope and disbelief (topped with breakouts).

You all know my love for Bobbi brown cosmetics now and this love story started with a shimmer brick. Because come on! Aren’t they too pretty to resist? At the time I was still on the hunt for a nice base routine and needed a foundation. But I am the kind of girl who can’t buy a foundation without testing it. I have a very (very) sensitive skin that tends to have breakouts and allergic reactions to unexpected products. For example, I had a very bad reaction to the new Dior Forever foundation, big, painful breakouts and a disco ball looking skin. The girl at the Bobbi Brown studio looked at my skin and gave me the Long Wear Even foundation to try and I fell in love. And this is when my new routine started.IMG_6685

First step is the primer: In life, you don’t always know what you want but you sometimes know what you DON’T want. Same for makeup. Considering primer I don’t know what I want but I hate silicone-based primers. I HATE THEM. I like the creamy ones, that delivers the right amount of hydration and make the foundation stick to your face.

I picked the Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched face base. I put it just after my skincare routine.


In Bobbi’s word it is an oil-free formula combines the moisturizing power of Shea Butter with Vitamins B, C and E. Grapefruit and Geranium fragrances leave a light, uplifting scent on skin. With daily use, skin looks and feels its best.

In my words it is a creamy formula that melts on the skin providing the right amount of hydration and the citrus extracts make the skin look better days after days! I clearly can see a difference with this one. The best results are the one that are unexpected.

After the primer comes the foundation.IMG_6697

Long wear even finish foundation  is a natural-looking and long-wearing foundation with SPF. Comfortable and hydrating, this medium to full coverage oil-free formula never looks cakey or masky.Glycerin and shea butter keep skin feeling moisturized while a gel base creates a lightweight finish that stays color-true. Lasts for up to 12 hours even in the most humid conditions. Protects skin from future damage thanks to broad spectrum SPF 15 with antioxidant vitamins C and E.

But for me this one was different at the first smell! First I thought the scent was peppermint, but it is actually lavender essential oil. My skin felt more pure days after days with less blemishes as if there is a clarifying effect. I barely have breakouts since I use this combo. (Don’t count the period breakouts that are impossible to fight).

The coverage is easily buildable and I use it with the Sephora multi texture foundation brush.

For the concealer I use the tinted eye brightener.

It is in Bobbi’s words  A lightweight concealer to instantly brighten undereye circles and refresh your look.

It is  not the most full coverage concealer on the market but it is enough for me. I apply it in a triangle shape under my eyes and blend with a beauty blender.


To correct and even out the skin tone I then use a corrector. Which can also be used as a foundation. Indeed, instead of getting a regular corrector stick that usually emphasises my dry patches I picked (thanks to the RA) the Skin Foundation Stick  in a cooler shade than my foundation. It is a very soft creamy texture with a buildable coverage. You can also use it under your eyes to add more coverage to your concealer (You know when you had that kind of terrible night). I apply it directly on my skin and then blend it with the Marc Jacobs the Face III which is an amazing densely packed foundation brush.


In Bobbi’s words the skin foundation stick is : An innovative blend of emollients—like olive extracts and shea butter—help to moisturize skin (and lock it in), so skin stays looking soft and smooth all day. Light diffusing powders and oil-controlling minerals help perfect the appearance of skin while reducing shine (even in sweat, water and humidity).

While in Barcelona I used it as a foundation and loved it! The yellow pigments help to correct and even out the skin.

Now is time to SET! Let’s get nude (or bare) with the Nude finish illuminating powder. I apply it just after my foundation and concealer. I think it is better with a natural hair brush. Here I decided to use it with the Bobbi Brown face blender brush which is a goat hair brush.


In Bobbi’s words it is a Subtle and natural ultra-soft, translucent pressed powder and instantly gives skin a lit-from-within glow with a natural blend of skin-brightening botanicals and light-reflective powders. Features varying levels of pearlescent pigments in skin tone-correct shades for a naturally luminous effect. Plus, it’s formulated with a skin-brightening blend of Mulberry, Grape and Scutellaria Extracts as well as moisture-magnet Sodium Hyaluronate.

I think it is a really nice powder that helps to set and absorb the oil secretion throughout the day. It helps to finish the base and prep for the bronzer, blush and highlighter part.

After all my face is done that is to say when my face is bronzed blushed and highlighted I end my face makeup with the Brightening finishing powder in nude. This powder is full of hyaluronic acid which keeps the hydration inside and makes the skin uber soft! This powder has a color correcting agent and helps to blend all the makeup beautifully. You know the power of purple to brighten the skin! It looks very sparkly in the pan but trust me you won’t look like a disco ball. I already hit pan on this one… This is how much I like it!!


I use this one with a big fluffy brush like the Powder Brush from Real techniques.

To lock everything in place a little splash of Mac fix+ and I am ready to go!

It’s been almost a month that I use this full routine (Added the concealer and stick last month). And for now I am happy, no breakouts, no allergies. My skin looks healthy even on a no makeup day which was not always the case before. I think Bobbi Brown’s products are very good for the face (only tried the sunkissed palettes for the eyes so can’t really tell for the rest yet). The formulations are “clean” and always have that little ingredient that makes the formulation different.

Now that summer is (finally) coming I might change for a more mattifying powder to set. I am eying the Nars Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder. Have you tried it?

What is you base routine? Would love to know!

Thank you for stopping by today!!


                          Lyna, The BB QUEEN

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    1. It’s very good as a corrector as it has a more hydrating texture than a classic corrector! 😊 and the coverage is buildable!! Try and let me know!! xxx

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